USM 2000
Trends towards a Universal Service Market
Munich, Germany September 12-14, 2000

USM 2000 Hotel Reservation Form

Disclaimer: The USM 2000 Organisation Committee is not affiliated with the Munich Tourist Office or any hotel. All information given here is provided "as is". The form below is for your convenience to get a complete hotel reservation form to be faxed or mailed to the Munich Tourist Office.

You may use this form to create a reservation request which may be faxed to the local tourist office. You will receive a confirmation directly from the tourist office. Deadline for your preferred hotel reservation is July 14, 2000. All reserverations after this date are subject to availibility.

Please note: The tourist office handles room reservations in the order they are received. For this reason it is advisable to order rooms as soon as possible. With the book confirmation by the Munich Tourist Office you have become immediate contractual partner with the hotel booked and on the conditions of the German Hotel Reservations Contract settled by DEHOGA. The Munich Tourist Office is only the mediator of this room reservation and does not assume any liability for the service and efficiency offered by the hotel.

Price range

Category A with bath/shower/WC
Single: more than DM 280.00 (€ 143.16)
Double: more than DM 350,00 (€ 178.95)

Category B with bath/shower/WC
Single: DM 195.00 up to DM 280.00 (€ 99.70 up to € 143.16)
Double: DM 250.00 up tp DM 320.00 (€ 127.82 up to € 163.61)

Category C with bath/shower/WC
Single: DM 125.00 up to DM 180.00 (€ 63.91 up to € 92.03)
Double: DM 170.00 up to DM 250.00 (€ 86.92 up to € 127.82)

Category D without bath/shower/WC
Single: DM 75.00 up to DM 105.00 (€ 38.35 up to € 53.69)
Double: DM 105.00 up to DM 150.00 (€ 53.69 up to € 76.69)

Room rates are per night, including breakfast, services and taxes.

Room reservation form

Arrival on at .

Departure on .

No. of rooms:
single rooms(s),
double rooms(s),
room(s) with 3 beds.

If the desired price range is no longer available, I also agree to the group:

Special wishes:

Sender address:

Name: First name:



ZIP: City:

Telephone no. Fax no.


Rights and Obligations of the Hotel Reservations Contract

  1. The contract between guest and hotel enterprise is considered concluded as soon as the room has been reserved and the reservation confirmed, or in the event that there is no time for confirmation - as soon as the room has been reserved.
  2. The contract when concluded obliges both contractual partners to fulfillment of all contract conditions, regardless of the length of time for which the contract has been concluded.
  3. The hotelier is obligated, in case the booked room is not available, to make good the damages to the guest.
  4. The guest is obligated, by non-occupancy of the room or by non-use of other contract benefits, to pay the agreed price for such, or the normal hotel price, minus any savings of expense made by the hotelier.

Create Form produces a new page to be printed and faxed or mailed to the Munich Tourist Office.