USM 2000
Trends towards a Universal Service Market
Munich, Germany September 12-14, 2000

General Information

USM 2000 is the third event in a series of international IFIP conferences on Trends in Distributed Systems. It continues TreDS'96, held in Aachen, Germany and TrEC'98 with special focus on Electronic Commerce in Hamburg, Germany.

The technological progress in the internet and telecommunication domains as well as deregulation efforts of the telecommunication markets currently under way in many countries enable an integration of data and telecommunication. Distributed platforms get adapted to the needs of telecommunication networks. This leads to a global distributed system with millions of objects, running on top of middleware platforms and interacting with each other to provide services. USM 2000 brings together researchers, service vendors and users in the field of universal service markets.


The USM 2000 considers services of a universal market in relation to middleware, distributed applications and management. Areas of special interest include:

  • Component Based Systems, Service Creation
  • Service Market Models, Accounting and Customer Care
  • Quality of Service for Distributed Applications
  • Trading, Brokering and Information Management
  • Management of Virtual Networks
  • Service and Application Management
  • Ubiquitous Services and Nomadic Computing
  • Distributed and Mobile Objects
  • Agent Technology for Integrated Management
  • Advances in Middleware Architectures, e.g. CORBA, DCOM, Jini
  • Telecommunication Architectures related to Distributed Systems